Condolences for Sr. Mary Florence (Rosemary) Burke

James J Carney posted on 5/10/21

Sr. Mary Florence remembered the day my mother died forty years before when I was in her second grade class. I was astonished since I hadn't seen her in that time. Thereafter I would visit her whenever I got back to Wheeling. It was always a joy to see her. To the end she wore the habit of the sisters of St. Joseph and died on the very feast day of St. Joseph, surely a sign of God's favor. I will miss her.


Patty Burke posted on 4/16/21

I knew Sister Mary Florence best as my "Aunt Rosemary". One of my fondest memories is of the doll she gave me as a child, dressed in the 1950s habit of the Sisters of Saint Joseph. It was exquisitely crafted from her blessed hands. Such a loving soul, she kept in contact with me all these years. I just received a note from her in January and did not know of her passing until my Mom (her late brother George's widow) found out about it from a friend this week. Rest in peace, Aunt Rosemary


Eileen Viglietta posted on 3/24/21

God Bless you dear friend. You will be missed but you have entered Eternal Life greeted by Almighty God and all your family and friends. Thanks for being such an important part of our family. We love you so much.


Lois Rizzo posted on 3/22/21

This beautiful soul has entered the Gates of Heaven and is Praising The Lord with all the Angels and Saints! We were also members of The Righteous Martha’s together. How much I enjoyed hearing Sister leading The Joyful Mysteries after each Saturday morning Mass. How humbling it was for me to have her call to ask me to come up to the convent and drive her down to church; and how privileged I was to had been part of her DRIVE AROUND PARADE( during a Pandemic) to celebrate her 75 Years in Religious Life! As I began writing my Easter cards, Sisters was already written and sealed, when I received the word of her passing. Rest In Peace, Sister Mary Florence. You will always be in my heart!!!!


Terry L Gosa. Columbia Sc posted on 3/22/21

Sister Mary Florence: Her kindness and gentleness always touched my heart. Thank You Sister Mary Florence


Corinne Viglietta, Chris Manley, and Josephine Manley posted on 3/22/21

Sister Mary Florence was a saint on earth, and now she is a new saint in heaven. She was like a member of our family, and we Vigliettas all love her so much. She brought so much joy and love and humor into our lives, and although I will miss her, I like to think she entered heaven with a big, happy hug from my dad, who was like a son to her. I hope they're sharing some Uncle Pete's turkey and gravy right now. We love you, Sister, and appreciate your selfless devotion to God, the Church, the city of Wheeling, and the noble work of education and literacy.



Ginny Shutler posted on 3/21/21

I will always remember her kindness, her ready smile. She was strong, but she loved so much. I am so glad we were able to see her this summer, if only briefly.


Michael Bush posted on 3/21/21

Her smile, that little twinkle in her eyes, and the love she had for our Lord was a blessing to us all. Rest In Peace!


Michael Bush posted on 3/21/21

Her smile, that little twinkle in her eyes and her love for the Lord was a blessing to all of us. Rest In Peace!


Dennis R Albaugh posted on 3/21/21

My sincere and humble condolences to the family and friends of Sr. Mary. I knew her and many of her relatives throughout my life. . I was always happy to see her as she was a gleaming ray of sunshine. Denny Albaugh