Condolences for James D. “Peck” Martin

Mike Dailey posted on 4/29/21

Was incredibly sad to hear of the loss of 'Peck' today - a very sad loss for the Martin family and for all outdoorsmen who knew him. It leaves a hollow feeling for any turkey hunter familiar with his crafted calls. Have known J. D. For over 20 years and own over 30 of his calls due to our mutual love of American hardwoods - I will truly miss conservations with him and the turkey shows won't mean much without seeing him there. My prayers to our awesome Creator for the family as they heal from this tremendous loss - may God bless 'Peck: with deep woods and wind rippled fields of grass full of turkey and deer as he waits for the rest of us


Michael Johnston and family posted on 4/27/21

Sorry to hear of his passing. May he rest in peace. God bless Love and prayers


Healy Baumgardner posted on 4/14/21

Prayers to the entire family. May he fly high on Eagles’ Wings. ❤️



Jeffrey Wright posted on 4/14/21

Sorry loss praying for family we miss you lot heaven god members church and party Christmas dinner bless you lot saying good bye


Chuck Porter posted on 4/14/21

My thoughts and prayers are with the Martin Family. I have very fond memories of growing up around Peck and the entire Martin family. Peck was a great man.



Vickie McClintock posted on 4/14/21

My Deepest Condolences to all the lives he touched. May God carry you through the days ahead. RIP "Peck"


Lois Millhouse posted on 4/13/21

Jimmy has been like a brother to me since I became friends with his sister, Bonnie in 1954. I can remember being embarrassed if he came into the room while Bonnie and I were playing doggie. After all he was a boy my own age. Jimmy has always greeted me with a hug and warm hellos all of our lives. His family is my family and he will be missed. I can only look forward to seeing him again in Heaven. Rest in Peace, Jim.


Brent Worls posted on 4/13/21

Always the best place to swap stories about hunting, fishing, just anything fun and good. I'll miss my visits with him.


James (Jamie) Schrumpf posted on 4/13/21

I met Jimmy back when he was dating Becky. When he came over to see her at my grandparent's house, where we all gathered on the weekends, he'd throw football with my cousin Russell (Rusty) Benham and me. By "throw football," I mean he'd stand about 20 feet away and throw it at our midsections as card as he could, and we'd try to catch it. We got pretty good after a while. That was around 1965-1966, when Rusty and I were nine years old or so. Great times. RIP Jimmy, you touched us all in your life.